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The Chewbaaka Society

At Cheetah Conservation Fund, our goal is to ensure the cheetah’s survival as a species for future generations. When you’re planning your estate, you’re thinking about future generations too. One way you can demonstrate your shared commitment to our goal to save the cheetah is to leave a bequest to CCF in your estate. CCF created The Chewbaaka Society to honor those who include the cheetah in their future planning.

Dr. Marker and Chewbaaka
Plaque located in the Chewbaaka Memorial Garden

Honoring a Legacy with a Legacy… The story of Chewbaaka

Chewbaaka was brought to CCF in July of 1995. He was only a few weeks old, starved and close to death. Dr. Laurie Marker nursed the little cub to health, and the bond between them grew stronger and stronger as the years passed.

Chewbaaka became a constant companion to Dr. Laurie Marker as they educated farmers and school learners and the people of Namibia about the plight of the cheetah. People who met Chewbaaka did not easily forget him. Seeing a cheetah in a positive and educational interaction, was often just the catalyst needed to change the hearts of those who feared the cheetah as a potential threat to their livelihood. Farmers who used to shoot cheetahs on sight began to lay down their weapons and work to help save them.

Chewbaaka’s ability to connect with humans in such a way that they wanted to learn more was uncanny. Over time, Chewbaaka has become a touchstone, a tangible symbol of CCF’s vision of a world where humans and cheetahs can thrive together. That’s why we choose to remember him and have named our legacy giving society in his honor.

How to Include Cheetah Conservation Fund in Your Estate Plan

There are many ways to include CCF in your estate plan: by making a gift in a will, adding to a will through a codicil, or making CCF the beneficiary of a life insurance or retirement plan. In most cases, your gift should be directed to “Cheetah Conservation Fund.” For more information, or to make your bequest today, email us at donations@cheetah.org.

How Your Gift Makes a Difference

By including CCF in your estate plan, you support a scientifically researched, integrated set of programs that are proven effective. Our Livestock Guarding Dog program and our livelihood development initiatives reduce human-wildlife conflict. Our Bushblok initiative transforms habitats rendered impenetrable by thickened thornbush into usable habitat for livestock and wildlife. In short, your generous gift takes us farther and faster in our race to save the cheetah from extinction, and we thank you.

Naming Your Fund

It is sometimes possible to personalize your legacy by creating a named fund within our general fund. Cheetah Conservation Fund will work with you and your advisers to prepare a customized testamentary gift agreement to memorialize your intent.

Recognizing your generosity…
When you have determined the amount of your gift, please let us know so that we may properly thank you. The details of your commitment will remain confidential; however, we may share that you are among the growing number of friends of CCF providing future gifts to ensure the survival of the cheetah. You may just inspire someone else!

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