Peer-to-Peer with JustGiving

CCF’s JustGiving page is an easy way to do peer-to-peer fundraisers for the cheetah. Create your fundraising page to tell your story, why you give to CCF and why your friends should help you to raise funds. Make sure to set your fundraising goal to help people know how much to give.

Here are a few ways CCF friends and supporters have raised awareness with peer-to-peer in the past:

  • Make it a matching campaign, ex: My friend will match all donations made to CCF if I make my fundraising goals by XX date.
  • Make it an event, ex: Join me to take the Chillin’ for Cheetah Challenge by jumping into an icy cold body of water near you! Yes, this was a real crowdfunding campaign and really fun!
  • Ask for small amounts to get big results, ex: Help me save the cheetah in the wild by donating the cost of one cup of coffee for a week!
  • Make it a party, ex: Instead of presents for my birthday/wedding/bat mitzvah, I am asking you to donate to CCF and the cheetahs.
  • Make fundraising a part of your online gaming nights, ex: Tonight I will be hosting a charity stream on Twitch* to support CCF and the cheetahs!

*CCF is registered as a charity on Tiltify – a charity portal that integrates directly with your Twitch channel.

Promote CCF on Social Media

Let everyone know why you are supporting the cheetahs with a crowdfunding campaign. Link to our page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest @ccfcheetah! Use #SaveTheCheetah to tag your posts and let the world know you chose to help the cheetahs.

CCF is registered as an official charity on Facebook so you can build a fundraiser directly on that platform and choose Cheetah Conservation Fund (@ccfcheetah) as your charity of choice.

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